NEW  Calendar 2008 PhotoShop  Template

Calendar 2008 (.PSD)


TM Cotton Canvas

Art Paper 101





6.14 MB


12.5 MB


Art History Brush Tool Presets

Art History Brush Watercolor Starter

NEW Art History Brush Set (Art Brush 3)

File Name


Skintones Swatch

Size: Zip 698 KB

Impressionist plug-in

Size: Zip 9.98 MB

TM Tool Presets

28 Brush Tool Presets

Canvas Texture

This is the original Canvas Texture that was released as a .jpg. You can download it though it’s a large file (Over 10 MB).  It is a Photoshop file that has been zipped for download. This is larger than the previous releases (12” x 12”).
Also known as the muslin texture because I created it from a piece of muslin that I scanned.

Photoshop CS Keyboard Shortcuts   PC

Photoshop CS keyboard shortcuts organized into two pages.  PDF.file

Photoshop CS Keyboard Shortcuts Mac

Same as above but for the Mac

Pro Canvas

Pro Canvas is a Photoshop plugin designed to enhance and replace the existing Canvas command.

Pro Canvas is SHAREWARE
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Transparency Filters

This Plug-In eliminate all the white or black from your image.

This is the Zip file that goes with the Street scene notes.

Size: Zip 4.17 MB

Art History Watercolor 1

Art history brush preset (Zip File)